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“Trak-Lock” ™ - Dust/Soil Control Agent

"Trak-Lock"® - Dust / Soil Control Agent

  • Dust / Moisture control
  • Race Track – Motorsports – Arena
  • Dust Suppression / Traction Control

"Track-Lock"® - is a revolutionary product, organic in nature, and in a 1mm granular format, to allow for safe distribution.

This organic based product, has a stabilization effect on all soils, and allows for the colloidal matrix of the soils to retain and hold moisture longer and to a controlled state.

Through proper surface / sub-surface homogenous blending with any Dirt motor sports surfaces, indoor or out, and modified procedure for water application and track preparation, any promoter or track/facility owner will reduce costs normally associated with track preparation by up to 40%.

This product has been tested on dirt tack facilities in the Midwest, and has stood up to 5 hour features with 4 classes including late models. The results are consistent - "two & three - groove" racing on ¼ mile tracks with surfaces holding moisture and race ability exceeding any tack that only uses excessive water.

The second asset this product gives is "dust suppression". Surface dust, always a problem for spectators and drivers alike, on tracks tested, has been reduced from 50% to as much as 90% - one open wheel modified special at a test track had 100% dust suppression for the spectators - I know, I sat across from the flag stand the entire evening - even I could not believe the environment we created.

The best part of our product is - you only need to put it in your surface once per racing season - that’s right, only once.

Each week you re-work the track adding 40% less water than normal and again give the drivers and spectators what they want - traction high or low, and the ability to see the cars.

This product can be used in indoor area events - moto-cross, monster trucks, or any dirt venture. We have tested on “tractor-pull” events - problem was all tractors pulled full distance - had to put on more weight faster - what a thrill for the puller.

If you want a safe product for your employees and the environment, that gives the fans and drivers - in whatever motor sport event they are at, a "dust free" - complete traction anywhere on the track, then “Trak-Lock”® should be considered for you and your profitability.

"Trak-Lock"® puts the Race back in Race Tracks.

Trak-Lock® - Product Data Sheet

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