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Superabsorbent Polymers

Water Lock® Superabsorbent Polymer

Water Lock® - B-Series / Agriculture - Horticulture Formulation


Our Organic Polymer can be sized for various applications. Powder - 1mm - pellets, and coming soon extruded ½” x 4” sticks                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

This product is a “Natural Reservoir” - releasing stored water at “Normal Osmotic Pressures” - and stabilizing soil nutrients for increased plant growth efficacy. Upon hydrated depletion - our active polymer re-hydrates immediately with moisture.

Its effective operational use is one year - before natural bio-degradation.

Water Lock® is safe for you, the environment, is unsurpassed in water release and re-hydration, increases nutrient availability, and is now available for your plants and profitability.



Water Lock® B-Series

Water Lock® vs. PAMs ( polyacrylamide polymers )

Water Lock® is a natural, biodegradable starch-based formulation. Water Lock® demonstrates greater water absorption potential and the ability to freely release water under suction pressure by plant roots versus PAM, a leading polyacrylamide synthetic polymer (PAM).

Available in 20kg/44 lb. bags and 4 lb. units
  • Superior Benefits of Water Lock®
  • Environmentally Friendly / Biodegradable
  • Reduced Matric Pressure
  • Natural Osmotic Release Action
  • Cyclic Hydration
  • Allows Natural Root Symmetry
  • Effective activity of Twelve Months
  • Controlled Evaporation
Industry Uses
  • Soil Mixes - Interior / Exterior
  • Turf - Seeding / Sod
  • Planting Soil Additives - Commercial /Retail
  • Reduction in Watering / Maintenance Labor
  • Nutrient Retain age
  • Forestry - Seeding /seedling
  • Greenhouse - commercial Growers
  • Golf Course Construction


Water Lock®

Oil Field Production / Reclamation

Our Superior “Organic” Based Polymer is available in multiple sizes - powder - 1mm - pellets - specific sizing - for individual well requirements, assisting in well performance enhancement.

Polymer technology has been used since the mid-1900’s, in oil well modification.

This “Modification” - is a process by which our polymers are introduced under pressure and specific volume to permeate the wells sub-strata - within 24 hours - the “Enhanced” well will show reduction of water by 65 to 85% and increasing BOD dramatically. Our product can also is used in controlling “Coneing”, effectively increasing BOD.

Water Lock® - is PH stable - and has an “Anti-Affinity” for hydrocarbons.

The process is proven - our product formulation is unsurpassed in its capabilities shown in oil field profitability.


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