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For over 50 years our companies have expanded from agriculture, to aviation construction, and continuing into the 21st century with environmental chemicals, serving our clients needs regardless of season.

Expanding our lines of chemical from antiicing, deicing to asphalt release agents, dust control/soil stabilization liquids, to superabsorbent polymers, allows our continuing efforts to bring the finest technology and service to you, our valued client.

SNI Products

Anti-Icing, Deicing: GEOMELT®  BIOMELT®  patented product lines

  • » USDA BioPreferred
  • » Environmentally Friendly
  • » Unequalled Performance

Bulk deicing salt - Salt Stockpile Treatment

  • » ASTM Grade
  • » Pick up or Delivered
  • » Chicago – Peoria – Davenport, IA
  • » Bagged Granular Deicer, Ice Melt

'GEN-3' – FAA Approved Anti-Icing, Deicer

  • » Superior anti-bonding – longer residual
  • » Superior De-Icing – Effective to -40°F
  • » Non-Potassium Acetate based product

Soil Stabilization - Dust Control Agents - BIOCOTE® 

  • » Environment & Employee Safe
  • » Superior Dust Suppression with Rigidity of a Modified Soil

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